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1991 - 2019

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Both districts had been looking to form a twinning and in 1990 were put in contact through links with Torpoint.

On the 18th February a small party of Bretons were given lunch and a tour of our parish.

2 months later, on the 16th April, representatives from St Germans Parish went to Plouguerneau. They returned with an invitation for any parishioner who was interested to attend the celebrations of the Prix d'Europe in Plouguerneau that September.

A meeting was organised with councellors and local people where a committee was elected. St Germans Parish Council signed their support of the new Twinning Association on 25th February 1991.

The first Twinning visit to Plouguerneau was planned for October 1991 and the Twinning Charter was signed on April 25 1992. 

Over the decades, our friendship has only gone from strength to strength. We are looking forward to the years to come!

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